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The Original Acucups®Therapy

 Acucups® are very flexible and powerful, negative pressure (vacuum) cups, that can be used to perform deep tissue massage, or used stationary as in traditional cupping therapy.

The flexibility allows Acucups® to be applied on almost any body part, making them the best choice for deep tissue massage and joint manipulation.

Acucups® cupping massage therapy mimics manual deep tissue massage, but “in reverse” – instead of pressing down on the tissue, it is pulled up. This technique is excellent for patients with fibromyalgia, as there is no painful pressure.

 Acucups® are beneficial in drawing out inflammation and relieving many conditions, such as the common cold and flu, high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic pains and pains associated with arthritis and joint aches - just to mention a few.

Acucups® are used in the beauty industry for treatments including face lift and drainage, body contouring, activating the skin, clearing stretch marks, improving varicose veins and cellulite reduction.

Advantages of Acucups® cupping therapy:


·               Lift connective tissue

·               Loosen adhesions

·               Release rigid soft tissue

·               Myofascial release

·               Activate the lymphatic system

·               Drain excess fluids

·               Draw out inflammation

·               Create toxin release

·               Bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscle

·               Stimulate the peripheral nervous system

·               Improve circulation and blood flow

·               Reduce appearance of cellulite by toning tissue

·               Save your hands! Acucups® deep tissue massage is virtually effortless for the practitioner, but highly effective for the patient



 Acucups® cupping massage intensifies the therapeutic aspect of traditional cupping. They are an effective addition to any spa, healing facility or private practice.

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